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Everybody knows that during pregnancy woman's body is changing drastically. Hormonal and immunity changes are causing extra sensitivity and make our body more vulnerable than you may think. During pregnancy women are facing many questions: should I change my diet or lifestyle? Should I take Vitamins or not? Is that ok that my veins are swollen (even in unexpected places sometimes)? Can I go through a teeth whitening procedure during this period? How can I take care of my hair and teeth? And more...

Well, in this blog we will try to answer one question at least which we are asked almost every day:


First of all, we need to say that proper oral care is very substantial during this sensitive period. Hormonal changes may cause the developing of gum diseases and enamel damaging. And as our mouth is a part of a digestive system it is also a direct portal to the stomach and as a result oral diseases may effect the baby. But don't worry! It is easier to maintain a good oral care that it seems. It is important to visit your dentist before getting pregnant as well as during pregnancy.

Next thing you need to know is that it is a common myth that you can't do X-rays and fix teeth decays. With an appropriate protection of your belly you can still do X-rays as nowadays they are much safer than in past decades. Also you need to tell your dentist the names and doses of all medications you are taking so he will be sure that the treatment won't be affected by them.

And now we are ready to talk about teeth whitening. We already know that pregnancy will make teeth enamel extra sensitive and if you want to go through a teeth whitening procedure you need to understand that with all those chemicals the situation may get worse. So there are no absolute prohibitions on using whitening products there are only recommendations. But who wants to risk and use chemicals during pregnancy, right?

However, we do have an alternative for you. As your teeth do need extra care it is important to keep them clean from the stain and plaque. And that is when our Care toothpaste is stepping in. We do get many questions about teeth whitening during pregnancy and we confidently answer that our Care Paste was made especially for pregnant women and children. It won't make your teeth 7 shades whiter, like many whitening kits are promising, but as it is 100% organic you will get naturally white teeth with no fear of getting gum irritation or enamel damage.

So now you know that oral care is an essential part of this incredible period of your life. And hope, that you've found at least one answer and it will help you during pregnancy and motherhood!