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We are proud to say that all our BrushMe! pastes are vegan and organic. But what makes our whitening toothpastes even more unique are organic oils which are very special.

You may think that oils are just for flavouring. Well, all oils have their own qualities and benefits. Lets take a closer look at all our organic oils and how they make our toothpastes unique.


This fresh scent is very popular if we are talking about toothpastes. And freshness is not the only benefit it has! Here are more cool qualities peppermint oil has:

- antimicrobial properties

- boosts energy

- fights bad breath

- reduces cavities

- improves mental focus

- reduces stomach/head aches


If we are talking about organic teeth whitening lemon oil is not only smelling good but also very effective. Here are more facts you should know while picking up lemon flavoured toothpaste:

- immune support (thanks to Vitamin C)

- effective as a teeth whitening product

- improves mood

- provides cleansing and purification

- remedy for halitosis

- improves digestion


For extra sensitive ones we usually recommend our Care paste. Why is it so special? It has two oils inside: mint and tea tree. And Tea Tree oil has incredible qualities such as:

- is antibacterial

- fights fungal infections

- fights halitosis

- reduces gum bleeding

- reduces tooth decay


And last but not least is a grapefruit seed oil which is a part of all for pastes. This oil is used as an organic preservative in our whiteners, but it has even more benefits:

- reduces depression

- stimulating the immune system

- curbing sugar cravings

- disinfecting/ natural antibacterial

- candida killer

- flavour enhancer