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When someone says "teeth whitening" people usually think of a difficult and sometimes even painful process. In our mind are poping out images of LED lamps, whitening strips (which are irritating gums so much btw) and tons of money we need to spend to achieve the result. Well, it is time to change these perceptions, cause teeth whitening can become a part of your daily routine with no extra time and money loss!

Here are 6 simple steps you need to know to get white and healthy smile with Brush Me! pastes:

1. Use our paste at least 3-4 times a week. You can use it more or less after a couple of weeks depending on your teeth enamel sensitivity and habits. If you are a heavy smoker and a tea/coffee lover we recommend to use Brush Me! paste more to achieve a better result.

2. Brush your teeth with our paste for 1,5-2 minutes. Apply a pea sized amount of the

paste on your toothbrush with the help of wooden stick. Then just wet it a bit with water and brush your teeth like you normally do.

organic teeth whitening

3. Rinse your mouth with water properly. After brushing just rinse your mouth with water. You may need to do it twice so to have a 100% clean teeth.

4. Keep your Brush Me! paste dry! Don't forget to close the jar properly. And don't forget that it is an organic product with no chemical preservatives so your wet toothbrush in a jar may ruin the consistency of the paste.

5. Do not swallow the paste. Even if it is organic it is not made for eternal use.

6. Enjoy your Brush Me! paste! Teeth Brushing may be so boring (especially in the morning ;) ) but our special flavours will make this process much better! Choose your fav flavour and ENJOY!

Organic teeth whitening