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Everyone want to have beautiful strong teeth. But what you should do to achieve this goal? Here are some tips for those who want to feel confident showing their smile!

1. Choose wisely what you drink and eat

If you want to have strong enamel its high time to reduce sugary and acidic food and drinks. Artificial sweeteners and colouring will damage your teeth. Moreover, they could cause enamel loss and as a result extra sensitivity.

2. Avoid toxins in teeth care products

Yes, we are back to toxins :) Go to your bathroom and check ones again all your toothpastes and mouthwashes. If you see Triclosan, Fluoride, SLS or DEA, throw them into trash can! All these toxins are not making any good to your smile.

3. Use remineralizing products

This is the point when we can recommend you something concrete. Basically you just need to use toothpaste rich with minerals and vitamins. Find a perfect one and try to use it as much as it's possible. Our Care Paste is perfect for everyday use and full of minerals. See where we are going :)

4. Visit your dentist regularly

Last but not least! Professional help is important. Its not Middle Ages anymore, so we have an opportunity to visit a doctor, who can help us to keep or enamel strong and healthy.