November 17, 2018

Here are 3 main reasons you should add teeth whitening products to your beauty routine

November 15, 2017

Choose a perfect organic whitening toothpaste! Real reviews and sincere opinion.

June 29, 2017

Can you use teeth whitening products during pregnancy? Special oral care during pregnancy and more.

May 7, 2017

We are proud to say that all our BrushMe! pastes are vegan and organic. But what makes our whitening toothpastes even more unique are organic oils which are very special.

You may think that oils are just for flavouring. Well, all oils have their own qualities and benefits. Lets take a closer look at all our organic oils and how they make our toothpastes unique.


This fresh scent is very popular if we are talking about toothpastes. And freshness is not the only benefit it has! Here are more cool qualities pepperm...

March 11, 2017

When you see a new product on the market you want to know if it really does what it says. Claims that are listed on a store page of a brand may look impressing, but how can you be sure that the product is good?

And this is a moment when bloggers are stepping in. Beauty and lifestyle bloggers are ready to tell you more about all new stuff on the market and share with you their sincere opinion. 

As Brush Me! is new in the game, you may need more info about it. And here you can find out things about BrushMe! past...

February 26, 2017

When someone says "teeth whitening" people usually think of a difficult and sometimes even painful process. In our mind are poping out images of LED lamps,  whitening strips (which are irritating gums so much btw) and tons of money we need to spend to achieve the result. Well, it is time to change these perceptions, cause teeth whitening can become a part of your daily routine with no extra time and money loss!

Here are 6 simple steps you need to know to get white and healthy smile with Brush Me! pastes:

1. Use our...

December 6, 2016

Every day we receive tons of questions and the most popular is: "Does BrushMe! paste really work?" And we have a good answer on that question: our customers know better ;)

Here are some photos that can prove that BrushMe! paste is not only special, but also really effective!

And here are more smile goals:

Still hesitate? Well, we have also reviews ;)

Join BrushMe! Family now and show your perfect smile to the whole world! You could send us Your photos on and we will post you on our next "result" blogpost...

November 11, 2016

Finally it is a time when we can speak about Christmas...When you think about Christmas which smell is mostly associated with this holiday season? A hundred people were asked to smell a dozen different odors in order to answer this vital question. Here's what they found out:

Subjects reported that rose odor was more related to summertime, whereas orange, cinnamon, and cloves were more associated with Christmas season with cinnamon being most intimately connected to this time of the year. Moreover, subjects sh...

October 20, 2016

Everyone want to have beautiful strong teeth. But what you should do to achieve this goal? Here are some tips for those who want to feel confident showing their smile!

1. Choose wisely what you drink and eat

If you want to have strong enamel its high time to reduce sugary and acidic food and drinks. Artificial sweeteners and colouring will damage your teeth. Moreover, they could cause enamel loss and as a result extra sensitivity.

2. Avoid toxins in teeth care products

Yes, we are back to toxins :) Go to your bathroom and chec...

September 22, 2016

It is not a secret that lots of cosmetic products contain gallons of chemicals. But what about toothpastes? You can say that pea-sized drop of your paste won't harm your health. But if you are using it two or three times a day? Over the course of a lifetime, the average American uses about 20 gallons of toothpaste. That means that it is important to know what is your toothpaste made of.

So here are 5 toxic ingredients You should avoid:


While triclosan has been shown to help prevent gingivitis, the benefit comes...

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